Skype starts offering SIP

I found these rather interesting news today in my e-mail from Skype.
(When I tried to read more on this on, I found that T-Mobile currently seems to block accesses to that domain. Of course that did not stop me from doing so, but I don’t think, that’s a good and gentile draw on T-Mobile’s side. I consider this kind of censorship rather childish.)
But further on the SIP issue!
Right now Skype offers you a subscription, that costs you n times EUR 4.95 per month, where n is the number of channels resp. maximal concurrent connections resp. “calls” you want to be able to use resp. have, incoming and outgoing calls count the same.
Right now that’s nothing I want to go for, as I don’t even have a “incoming Skype telephone number” (I don’t want pour money on a steady monthly into yet another sink for services I don’t really, really need), but I assume sooner or later, they let us dial out through SIP on a per call basis, just as they currently let me dial out on a per call basis using their proprietary software on Windows, Mac OS X or “whatever”; there they let me display my mobile phone number as “the caller”, that’s fair enough, I don’t ask for more. I have been waiting with “all of us” for Skype to act as a SIP provider for quite a while, I am quite able to wait for that next step for another (short?) while. One step is done, the next steps will follow …
If you search for “Skype SIP” on, you will find, that Skype have been publishing that news on markets other than Germany at least for 4 days (as of 2010-01-05).

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