BBC activates iPlayer Flash verification – Locking out open source

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Novell wants to be a big player in the mobile business

Novell’s “open source .NET development environment MonoDevelop will now support development of Meego applications” (not quite “yet another” mobile platform) according to an article on H-Open. This article also reminds us, that MonoDevelop already supports iPhone and Google Android development.

another column-oriented database: Apache Cassandra

I came across an article at H-Open on Apache Cassandra. The Cassandra project was actually started by Facebook, but then open sourced and “donated” to Apache, and Facebook got a Gold Sponsor of Apache. The article also includes a hint on Google’s BigTable. “Cassandra is used by a number of other companies, such as Cisco, Twitter,… Continue reading another column-oriented database: Apache Cassandra

Linux freezing with kernel “”

after migrating from openSUSE-11.1 to openSUSE-11.2 together with a few further online updates including a kernel upgrade to, my system started freezing a couple of times for two days. I made up my mind googling for “linux freeze”, found a hint saying, that causes trouble, fell back to, “et voila”: the problem… Continue reading Linux freezing with kernel “”