column-oriented databases

I read this article on InfiniDB, and I thought, it would help at least myself, if I took a note on it here.

The centrepiece of InfiniDB is a column-oriented back end (“engine”) . MySQL
database 5.1.39 serves as the basis of InfiniDB and comes linked to the
back end. Since there is no indication of other storage engines either in the
source code or in the InfiniDB documentation, this seems to be a pruned

Of course, using a pruned version makes it impossible to combine queries into different engines, I am not going to describe the disadvantages here.

Other column-oriented free databases (Infobright, LucidDB, and MonetDB) and also a commercial one (Kickfire) get mentioned in that article.

This topic always reminds me of my time in an environment, where FAMEdb got used.

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