using “buildroot” for re-building a FRITZ!Box Linux kernel and system

I got the silly idea of  mounting a traditional Linux ext2/ext3/ext4 partition on my current FRITZ!Box 7390. I got pointed to buildroot, some nice software, that tries to ease to job of building the compilation toolchain, the libc, the busybox and all that for embedded Linux devices.

Found an article on … describing exactly my current problem, and tried to explain in this response the software maintainer, how serious the case is. I hope, I find mercy in his eyes … — and some support.

Update / 2010-05-18:
Well the current flagship FRITZ!Box, the 7390, is already capable of mounting ext2/ext3 partition all by itself, so no need for building software for exactly this reason. I guess I will find a few more, so I will try again to build cross compilers etc. sooner or later.

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