Month: January 2008

  • my brand-new EEE-PC

    A little late (but better later than never) I got myself an EEE-PC. First and important thing to do was to tell it to talk to me in english, because I hate it, when computers talk to me in denglish (as this awful modern mixture of german and english is called, and yes, of course, […]

  • my router, my phones, …

    My router is not just a router. To the inside world it lets me also attach phones and esp. also DECT wireless phones. To the outside world it connect also to my SIP (VoIP) account and the telephone network. I registered all my DECT wireless phones to my router, and I got rid of all […]

  • “accesskeys” with Firefox

    Q: Did you know, how to make use of what gets defined in HTML through the accesskeyattribute of the a tag? A: You have to press some Modifier + the defined accesskey. All the HTML generated from my DocBook files defines access keys for navigating to the statically previous and next page, the home page, […]

  • my favourite RSS reader: SAGE within Firefox

    I remember, I haven’t told you yet, how I read my RSS subscriptions. I am using SAGE. It has an XML based exchange format called OPML, which is actually just a format for listing outlines of books, articles, whatever, and apart from the SAGE aspect: I love to edit OPML in emacs’s nxml mode. Let […]

  • re-factoring, re-organising, …

    O, I enjoyed re-organising my blogs (adding a few details here and there), modifying my computer home directory tree structure, moving a few files from here to there …

  • emacs, version control, …

    I doubt it, that any other editor resp. IDE software is able to hold a candle to GNU emacs with its plugged in version control access to subversion, RCS, and CVS. Once again I can just shout out to the world: I love emacs. Where would my productivity be without emacs? I almost never need […]

  • Hackers’s dictionary aka the Jargon File abandoned by ESR

    Looks like the Jargon File got abandoned by Eric S. Raymond.It hasn’t been updated during the last couple of years.I offered Eric to invest time and energy,but I got no answer back. Update 2012-12-25: I once owned a printed copy of this book, but it was one of the many victims of various accidents inside […]

  • my latest ruby mp3 utlity

    I purchased recently a couple of MP3 CD-s, and some of them did not contain the ID3 tag tracknum, and obviously some software depends on that tag for presenting the pieces in the right order. I started writing a utility in perl, but the library I made use of was hopelessly outdated and only dealt […]

  • started reading “Design Patterns in Ruby”

    Almost the first thing I did with this book was to create an OPML file (outline a la XML). If you want to use that OPML file, let me know! I contribute to the book’s errata web page, and I get mentioned there. To be continued.

  • what’s going wrong in the rails community?

    I came across that article by Gregory Brown, reviewing Zed Shaw’s article. Sounds like real life: Grown up software developers not liking each others …