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  • Unix, Linux: how to do a proper and secure file transfer in a cronjob

    I got advised to do sftp with an empty passphrase. I got that working. Was pretty straight forward. But is there a better way? With a non-empty passphrase? But how to deal with that passphrase? my buzzword web search: ssh file transfer best practice I do my ordinary SSH handling with an […]

  • how to disable vim syntax colour? Of course I like colours – in nature, on people, wherever … – but some colour schemes on computer displays are hard too read – some are awkward or ugly. I am glad, there is a short way to get rid off these colours in VIM. In order to tell a shell console […]

  • creating a line break in Messages for Mac On the Mac, if you want to create a line break in the macOS Messages app by holding down the OPTION key and then hit RETURN to jump to a new line without sending the message. I wondered for years, how that would work – always too lazy to look for a solution […]

  • GNU Emacs 28.1 released – and you can find 28.1 ready-made for macOSX on “Emacs For Mac OS X”

  • quotation: “how sharper than a serpent’s tooth …” How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it isTo have a thankless child. William Shakespeare, King Lear (1608), Act I, scene 4, line 310 – How sharper than a serpent’s toothTo hear your child make such a fuss.It isn’t fair —it’s not the truth—He’s fucked up, yes, but not by us. Judith Rich Harris, […]

  • Emacs and Microsoft Windows C:\Program Files\Emacs\x86_64\share\emacs\VER\README.W32 – read it! for serious! C:\Program Files\Emacs\x86_64\bin\ – where the utilities are located I use to download and install , it contains “a large number of optional dependencies for Emacs” – maybe you want to install that into c:\opt\emacs-VER\. emacs-VER-installer.exe – a Windows installer – installs into C:\Program […]

  • The English Wikipedia: Manual of Style: National varieties of English The English Wikipedia prefers no national variety of English over any other. National varieties of English

  • how to stop videos from automatically playing in the Instagram app – actually you can not

  • Linux: extending the capacity of a filesystem – context: XFS, LVM (by the same authors) In 2022 it looks a little unreasonable to not use LVM but only partitions. Resizing a filesystem on a partition (as opposed to on an LVM volume) should only be done, if / as long as the filesystem is not mounted on that partition. […]

  • Postman REST client