python and class methods

Yes, they are supported, but you have to use an extra magic function call: classmethod = classmethod(classmethod)

software documentation

From the book Expert Python Programming, “Documenting Your Project“, “Use a Simple Style“: You are not writing fiction, so keep the style as simple as possible. And with a few more words: (Another author) made an analysis […] to try to understand, why his books sold so well. He made a list of all best… Continue reading software documentation

how to abbreviate the word Character and how German programmers pronounce it

We know, that in a few “modern” programming languages the word “character” as an IT term gets abbreaviated as “char“. Do you have any idea, of how many coders pronounce it? They pronounce it like the “char-” as in “Charlie“. Why would actually anybody pronounce the abbrevation so much different to the unabbreviated word?

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