Month: March 2010

  • my CV or Resume in XML

    Until not too long ago I had kept my CV in DocBook, then I converted it to XMLRésumé (but the project really looks dead nowadays), now I am converting it to HR-XML/Resume. Yes, I know, its project admin just recently declared this SourceForge project as inactive. But then, what alternatives are there? Of course, I […]

  • perl’s pattern matching enhanced by “named capture buffers”

    python has long had it: symbolic groups. They allow you to refer to a substring matched by a symbolic group name: “(?P<id>)”, id in this case. Now perl has drawn equal: “(?<id>)” does the same job, and the feature is called named capture buffers. Read it up in the perlre manual page or online here! […]

  • Eclipse Pydev: refactoring

    What Pydev (will be inserted a little later, promised) calls Refactoring is quite a nice toy, but not too reliable. I tried “Rename…“, and it does not rename keyword parameter usages. I tried to use “Inline Local…” on an attribute getter, and it simply fell on its nose shouting “Could not translate editor coordinates into […]

  • IIWDFI = “if it works, don’t fix it!” My mate at work pointed me to a techie article with this core phrase: “if it works, don’t fix it!” aka IIWDFI.