needs a couple of changes — let’s start brain storming!

For me as a freelancer it’s very clear: There must be separate feeds for freelance and salaried staff. There should be an opportunity of commenting on the job postings, e.g. if the original poster doesn’t close the job, it makes sense to get that information from somebody else, maybe from somebody who was somehow involved.… Continue reading needs a couple of changes — let’s start brain storming!

“Tour de Babel” by Steve Yegge

[…]My whirlwind tour will cover C, C++, Lisp, Java, Perl, (all languages we use at Amazon), Ruby (which I just plain like), and Python, which is in there because — well, no sense getting ahead of ourselves, now. […]

iPhone apps, that I need sooner or later

Telefonkarte (Calling Card): supplies you with support for all sorts of call-through telecom providers, even your FRITZ!Box at home can serve as one and is indeed supported by this app …

first steps in IRC with pidgin

“Add Account”  for each IRC server/user pair (e.g., that you want to use, within pidgin with IRC as protocol “Join a Chat” (below Buddies), select the right Account (i.e. one of your IRC protocol/server accounts), enter the Channel (including the ‘#’), leave the Password blank! here we are! Did I mention recently, how much… Continue reading first steps in IRC with pidgin