Month: November 2013

  • “FRITZ! Labor” – FRITZ!Box-Beta-Firmwares Die 7390 ist zwar hardware-ausstattungs-mäßig nicht mehr das Flaggschiff, hat aber immer noch die modernste Firmware, nämlich die “06.00”. Die 7490 hat anscheinend noch Stabilitätsprobleme; man bekommt irgendwie häufig Beta-Firmware-Updates angeboten, die neueste ist die “05.60-27017”. Ich leiste mir “gerade” den Kick, den Update meines Heim-Routers aus der Ferne anzustoßen. Bin mal gespannt, wann […]

  • Perl modules to deal with config files à la “Java Properties”: Config::Properties and Config::Properties::Simple

  • a Perl module helping to validate subroutine parameters: Params::Validate I will consider employing this module sooner or later. And Perl::Critic as well …

  • “blur Exchange”: yet another IT project market I have no idea, how useful it is resp. for which side. I received a message on LinkedIn, and I thought, I might bookmark it here.

  • installing Oracle “Java SE for Embedded” on a Synology NAS — if the DSM has a “Java Manager”, use it! it directs you properly. I think, I will use his description for setting up Java on my Synology NAS (resp. NASs), so that I can run the Hibiscus Server (implemented in Java) on them. My NAS at home has plenty of Internet […]

  • Hibiscus Payment Server – HBCI banking – I don’t see Hisbiscus Server mentioned With the hibiscus-server running on (let’s say) your current machine at port 8080 (AKA https://localhost:8080), you have a few rather useful services available: https://localhost:8080/hibiscus/ – the “Hibiscus Management Console” – this is where you enter your HBCI accounts and where you can view account […]

  • wiki URL shortening with MediaWiki and Apache I would really like to achieve that with my recently set up wiki, but so far to no success.

  • Apple just suggested, that I should update X11 on Mavericks I would love to do it immediately, but I guess the DMG is big and I shouldn’t do it through mobile phone Internet.

  • SEPA = Single Euro Payments Area SDD – SEPA Direct Debit, : 2+2+3+11 …

  • changing Perl code I inherited

    Created a subMain. There were a lot of “my“-s outside any subroutine, moved them as “our“-s to subMain – not the same visibility, I know.  Outside subMain these “our“-s need to get accessed as “main::…“. But actually we don’t like global variables at all, so pass them as parameters or … …