Month: May 2017

  • Synology’s Virtual Machine Manager … models with less than 4GB of memory cannot run virtual machines …

  • OpenOffice, RTF files, “fields”, and the irritating RTF keyword “MERGEFIELD” AKA RTF, filename extension “.rtf”; a Microsoft standard – RTF Pocket Guide – RTF Pocket Guide (home page) – emacs RTF mode Once a year my accountants send me RTF files (“.rtf”) with “fields“. “fields” have “names” and “values“. Microsoft Office (presumably) deals properly with displaying and printing the field values. On OS […]

  • “The Search for Traces” on Exhibit in Berlin – it documents Jewish heritage sites in Ukraine, Moldova, Romania and Poland I attended the vernissage on 2017-05-07, because my cousin pointed me there – ISBN 978-3-00-048258-8 – the accompanying book – with the shown pictures and short text – the exhibition booklet as PDF with extended text – the same text as shown on the A4 pages (to be read within the exhibition room) with small pictures […]