Safari: .NET Bibliography

.NET Bibliography: Take advantage of this bibliography to learn everything about .NET programming, from C# to VB.NET and ASP.NET to WCF and WPF to XAML and Kinect. I assume, you get this book for free.

installing Visual Studio within a WinXP VM on OS X

That looks like a really, really funny idea to me. This is only an evaluation version of VS, and I intend to continue working with that evaluation version through occasional re-installations in fresh snapshots of the mother-VM. I got to try a C#/.net software package, and I hope this approach will help me. I downloaded… Continue reading installing Visual Studio within a WinXP VM on OS X

Novell wants to be a big player in the mobile business

Novell’s “open source .NET development environment MonoDevelop will now support development of Meego applications” (not quite “yet another” mobile platform) according to an article on H-Open. This article also reminds us, that MonoDevelop already supports iPhone and Google Android development.