Month: February 2008

  • subversion and emacs

    After working with subversion within emacs for quite a couple of months, occasionally I found out, that my choice for emacs subversion bindings was quite a little to fast, but luckily enough apparantly quite the right one. You can find all the bindings at this SVN URL. My choice is psvn.el.

  • Apple’s PropertyList in Ruby

    Silly me just wanted to create my 1st project on, and when I had just filled out all fields for doing so, told me, that a project by that name already existed, and actually I found out, it is exactly, what I could have used instead of writing my own software. I remember, […]

  • shockwave for Linux — ist that a problem?

    title says it all. application/x-director is something, that my Linux firefox does not understand.

  • Microsoft Office Picture Manager

    On the Windows platform this is my favourite imaging utility. It helps me compressing the documents I scanned and on multiple other issues.

  • my eee-pc — I broke it a little

    It didn’t take too long, until I broke the tiny little thing a little. synaptics (the GUI package manager) complained about kdelibs4c2a and … cannot install … and whatever. I went to and, but the search hits were a little unclear unsorted. I googled kdelibs4c2a and that was most helpful. Somebody had […]