my eee-pc — I broke it a little

It didn’t take too long,
until I broke the tiny little thing a little.
synaptics (the GUI package manager) complained about kdelibs4c2a and … cannot install … and whatever.

I went to and,
but the search hits were a little unclear unsorted.
I googled kdelibs4c2a and that was most helpful.
Somebody had already described the same problem,
and somebody else had already described a solution:

You have to make sure
that you get the Xandros ksmserver and kicker from Asus and not the Debian ones.
It sounds like you’re doing this step
after you put a Debian repository in your /etc/apt/sources.list.
Use one of the various methods to force apt-get to get this from Asus instead
(e.g. comment out the Debian server,

and then

$ sudo apt-get update

and then

$ sudo apt-get install ksmserver kicker

and then after that, if you want, you can put the Debian server back in).

I think I will re-de-comment the other repositories more selectively from now on,
as I don’t want to experience this kind of trouble very often.


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