First steps for Linux on iPhone with BusyBox

After I had read this article last weekend,
I forwarded it to one of the engineers at my current customer’s company.
That company is in an automotive niche market,
and he had already spent work time on an attempt establishing Linux within one of their projects.
Actually Linux is being employed in one of the screen based user interfaces on a car,
but as opposed to the Linux iPhone approach
it’s not BusyBox based.

I actually came across BusyBox only this year,
but that’s only because embedded programming hasn’t been on my agenda for a while.

That other context, where BusyBox is being employed,
is my Internet router, an AVM 7270,
actually also serving as cordless phone (DEC) base station,
Fax recipient and PDF converter,
WLAN access point, …

So that box is also BusyBox based,
and I can connect to it using telnet,
and I can store and read data on it,
and I like that.

If you are interested in Building Embedded Linux Systems,
have a look at this nice book published by O’Reilly!


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