getting familiar with a Mac keyboard

I was really afraid, it would take me a long, long time to seriously get familiar with my Mac keyboard, but finding the Keyboard Viewer and having a closer look at it wiped out all these fears. Whatever I thought would be missing on the Mac keyboard, now I find it easily.

the pidgin Facebook plugin

The pidgin Facebook plugin does not work properly so far. A single Facebook user actually talks to me with yet another id, every single time he sends me a message. This does not look tested well enough. I am using pidgin 2.6.2 (libpurple 2.6.2) from fink on Mac OS X, Snow Leopard. Update / 2010-12-28:… Continue reading the pidgin Facebook plugin

Safari AdBlocker

Do you think, I am starting a fairy tale here? No, I’m not. Look it up on Apple’s list of public downloads for Mac OS X. The link there is broken (right now), but read it and bend it! It points you to, there you want to look for the Safari AdBlocker (maybe this… Continue reading Safari AdBlocker

how to print from my Mac OS X machine through a Netgear print server

A Netgear knowledge base article named Recommended Unix printer configuration for PS110 explains, why it’s good to use the LPD printing method. Now my Mac is the UNIX-ish machine on my LAN with the richest printing capabilities: It can print through a 7270 AVM FRITZ!Box (my router++) on a Samsung CLP-315 colour laser printer attached… Continue reading how to print from my Mac OS X machine through a Netgear print server

pipe symbol at Apple keyboard

there is that nice article on where to find the “pipe symbol” / “pipe symbol” on an Apple keyboard. of course nowadays with Snow Leopard or “just” Leopard that’s all different. but it still (with a little fancy and curiousity) helped me finding out, how to get to that thing. in short: System Preferences /… Continue reading pipe symbol at Apple keyboard