my Mac now prints on the colour laser printer attached to the FRITZ!Box router

The Samsung CLP-315 gets accessed via “HP JetDirect”. Yesterday I wasn’t able to set it up as network printer and let it find the driver on Samsung’s CD. Today I let Samsung’s printer installation routine set up a local printer (which isn’t actually installed), but at least the driver got installed somewhere on OS X, and then I could assign the right driver to the network printer configuration. Now I successfully printed my 1st page on my very own Mac.
Alright, alright, I admit it: I vaguely remember already having successfully attached my ex’s (i.e. “-1”) Mac Mini (which isn’t officially hers …) my FRITZ!Box …, so I knew it would work sooner or later.
Now this is really a nice CUPS printer set up underneath!!!
I wished my openSuSE-11.1 computers would accept the CLP-315 driver as well!
Until then I only create PDF-s on them and printed them via Windows or OS X.

I really love this set up: the laser printer attached via USB to my 7270, acting as a network printer.

AVM’s description on how to attach a printer to the 7270 through USB was actually very helpful:

Update 2014-07-15:
The vanilla Mac OS X on my 2014 Mac mini did not have the drivers for my Samsung printers available, even not after the 1st OS updates. After attaching one of them via USBn though (apparently) all the Samsung printer drivers got installed (supposedly via the network). Then installing them one way or the other as network printers worked.

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