[[RATHER OLD ARTICLE]] how to remove an app installed through “Installous”

After I had bought my iPhone (on a German “prepaid” card, so: I did pay quite some money for it, and I don’t feel like I stole it, and I don’t have an expensive monthly tariff on a “postpaid” card), I got somebody to jailbreak it. He installed Cydia, Installous, and “all that”.

I the meantime I also installed a few apps from those repositories, but I wasn’t able to remove any of them.

Now I found a setting to get apps installed through Installous to appear under my iPhone’s Applications on iTunes on my PC. Looks like that is a way to also remove them.

Yes, I read there is an issue with that “AppSync”. So be sure, you know, what you do, before you also simply toggle that switch. Your “other apps” might get removed by iTunes next time you sync your iPhone.

I am now stuck in a huge sync, and I will interrupt it, as my SO keeps reminding me through the phone, that we have an appointment in the gym.
At least I do know now, how to get rid of that app, that I didn’t find useful. It drives me nuts, if I can’t find things like that out in a rather short time.

Oh, just a short extra note, before I leave for the gym: YES, that syncing DID remove a few apps, that I didn’t want to get removed. Those were those navigation apps, that the guy thought I should get installed by him for quite some bucks. Well, not to worry, I shall poke him for that soon. Offfffffff for the gym!


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  1. by the time, you will enjoy using iPhone, IMO.

    iPhone Users

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