my new book: Tarek Ziadé: Expert Python Programming

This book is a litte like like Pragmatic Project Automation for the python community. This book isn’t really, what I was searching for, but actually it is much, much better. It provides me with a serious level of considering how to make a software project using python a success.

I think, it’s a big marketing mistake, to print on the cover and certainly also elsewhere, that this book is targeted towards people with a “sound background in Python programming”. I actually think, people with a serious background in computer science (maybe beyond the BSc/BA level) and some knowledge of the specifics of, how python implements the usual more or less “modernistic” (i.e. starting with Simula 67) progamming language features, certainly will gain good profit of enjoying this book. Do yourself a favour and get both, the paper book and the PDF! So maybe you can print one or the other page, and put it on your fellow project managers’ desks.

(To be continued …)

A note to my mates: yes, I got the PDF, and I also got the PDF of the PragProg book.

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