Month: May 2010

  • public transport in Berlin

    Here are a few hints, I looked up today, and that may be valid for a couple of weeks or months. No warranties at all!!! In case of doubt or for further information, pls refer to the BVG Tickets+Fares home page: / Tickets+Fares ! There are 3 “tariff zones” in Berlin. For simplicity assume, […]

  • 16 Awesome Wi-Fi Devices for Your Network

    16 Awesome Wi-Fi Devices for Your Network |

  • Facebook forced me into a dialog

    Today Facebook forced me into a dialog named “Confirm the Pages that will be on your Profile“, and that was rather impressive: they showed me lots of pictures standing for pages, that they think, I would like. I liked to get out of that, but they said, that would leave my profile empty. That’s rather […]

  • creating diary entries from procmail LOGFILE entries

    Incoming e-mail messages may be worth getting recorded in a diary, of course most of them are not, do you agree? Quite some times I manually create diary entries from my procmail LOGFILE. I should have written a script to do that a long time ago. Now I did. That effort was really, really little, […]

  • ruby and here-documents

    Ruby has such a feature, and of course it’s pretty, pretty useful. I found an article on here-documents in several programming languages at the English wikipedia.

  • a call monitor for the FRITZ!Box, using a gmail address book and an area code directory

    The FRITZ!Box family of routers also provide telephony services, actually all my phones go through my 7390. They are built using Linux and Busybox. On its TCP/IP port 1012 it offers event records on all telephony actions. Last Christmas I implemented a ruby script dealing with these event records and the “call threads“. Yes, there […]

  • no more worries with winmail.dat

    How often did I receive e-mail with a single weird winmail.dat attached, actually incorporating quite a few more real attachments … How often did this drive me nuts … During the last few years I was in the lucky position, that my webmail software actually supported me there by showing me the contents and allowing […]

  • using “buildroot” for re-building a FRITZ!Box Linux kernel and system

    I got the silly idea of  mounting a traditional Linux ext2/ext3/ext4 partition on my current FRITZ!Box 7390. I got pointed to buildroot, some nice software, that tries to ease to job of building the compilation toolchain, the libc, the busybox and all that for embedded Linux devices. Found an article on … describing exactly my […]

  • and JasperReports

    When I drew my current account statement today, I was curious and applied the “pdfinfo” command on it. I was quite astonished, when it said this: Creator: JasperReports (kontoauszug) Producer: iText 1.4 (by I went back to their first PDF statements in 2006, and they said just the same. Of course I would like […]

  • Miguel de Icaza: .NET technology for web browsers

    Quite a charming idea!