creating diary entries from procmail LOGFILE entries

Incoming e-mail messages may be worth getting recorded in a diary, of
course most of them are not, do you agree?

Quite some times I manually create diary entries from my procmail LOGFILE.
I should have written a script to do that a long time ago. Now I did. That effort was really, really little, but I like the results.

Update / 2010-07-23:
I used to copy the entries from that log to my diary, and then a little later I usually wonder, which ones got already processed and completed. So what was missing, was just a little aid, but it looked difficult so solve for a while.
Today I introduced something new and the entry now looks like this:

23 Jul 2010

        09:56:49 [_] From:;

That’s wicked cooled, isn’t it? Yes, I know.

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