intellectual property fraud

IP fraud has been a top for quite a while for me right now.

It started in the early 1990s with a rather cheeky and perky “Ph.D.-ish” colleague of mine, that rather didn’t impose too much respect and esteem on my. Once in a couple of years I am quoting that case, and that’s rather helpful for my spiritual life then.

Sometimes I’m rather confusing, who actually causes the fraud. I guess like last night. Somebody was quoting somebody else, and it wasn’t quite clear at the 1st and also at the 2nd glance, who actually removed me on purpose from the literature list. Yes, I guess, I slapped the wrong guy last night, but he deserved it anyway. I mean, he easily could have added me to the other guy’s literature list, as he must have been aware of my article on a blog, that he must be observing, because on the other hand that blog harvests that guy’s blog in turn. This is the TF case. It actually didn’t start as IP fraud case, but rather as a TP doesn’t like JH / one rough Hun doesn’t like the other rough Hun case.

That other guy from the early 1990s was a rather existential case, which eventually and after some slowly rising escalation chopped my young family in pieces, son#1 being the most concerned victim of that, which I rather regret. I regard myself as not very much vulnerable, but I guess everybody has that area, as Sigurd, the dragon killer, had it, where accidentally a leaf had covered his shoulder, and the dragon blood had not sealed his body; that’s where he eventually got killed at. I don’t think I let this little vulnerability carry me away as much, as it must have been able ages ago. Still it keeps sitting there like a little demon, and needs serious observation. As I said: I keep writing about this guy now and then, I wonder, whether I will find my peace on that during this lifetime. This is the MH case. I guess, this one actually did start as an IP fraud case. But effectively it evolved into a German style multi-front war. And it came to its then final and maximal escalation, when my then-wife preferred to go on yet another holiday to her home country; get me right: she has been keeping doing that for like 20 times a year. And that’s rather beyond any reason. So I did miss her correction and blaming then in away. I don’t think, she ever understood it that way. But I did so from the beginning of that story’s peak.

To be continued…

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