mind mapping using Free Mind and emacs and its nXML-mode

I got my quick introduction to Free Mind by son#1 (13yrs) today. Of course I am a stressful student. Of course he is not an advanced user. But we are doing well together.

We didn’t manage to get a cloud removed other then by undo. And of course you don’t want to make use of undo, if the doing happing an eternity ago.

As expected Free Mind’s file format is XML in its very own dialect.

So removing the cloud within the XML was an obvious option. Trang helped me to derive a RELAX-NG grammar from the example. The  compact version of that grammar for use with nXML-mode is not perfect, but improving it doesn’t look difficult.

The first thing to do in emacs was obviously tidying the indentation. It was then, that the grammar showed, how imperfect it is. But easy to fix. And it was trival to remove the cloud.


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