observing the procmail LOGFILE

I am a fervent user of procmail, have been such a user, since I found out, that sieve is far less available in any such mail environment as mine at my provider’s site.

I really don’t know of a lot of others, that also use procmail. I think, Axel uses procmail as well, I worked with Axel like almost 15 years ago at ERNO. I only found out, that “Sven G.” (a rather prominent open source person living in Berlin) also uses procmail, when we had a pasta evening together in my kitchen last Friday.

Observing procmail LOGFILE is my way of finding out about new e-mail messages, that try to reach me. I think, usually people have a look at their single mailbox (in case they are POP3 users) or at their 5 IMAP folders (just guessing that “5”). I have like 50 IMAP folders, and because I quite often toggle the “READ flag” of messages back to “unread”, observing procmail LOGFILE and also keeping separate track of important messages in my diary is my way of attempting not to lose track.

Now why did I start this article today? Sven G. is a “procmail LOGFILE observer“, too. And by “observer” I mean using “tail -f” on that logfile – IYKWIM. I just remembered that and Sven G., when I restarted that command line yet once again, and that raised a smile in my heart, that I enjoyed.

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