Fink FAQ: installing a few “unstable” packages from “fink”

Fink FAQ: installing a few “unstable” packages from “fink” I don’t exactly remember, when I configured fink to also install “unstable” packages, but now I think, that created a terrible mess on my computer. I ran “fink configure” today, and disabled the installation of “unstable” packages there. I hope, fink will work much smoother from… Continue reading Fink FAQ: installing a few “unstable” packages from “fink”

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No Gnus v0.13 is released

No Gnus v0.13 is released It seems to depend on EIEIO (“Enhanced Implementation of Emacs Interpreted Objects“), a new CLOS implementation; apparently EIEIO must get installed manually.EIEIO in turn is part of CEDET (“Collection of Emacs Development Environment Tools“).

movie: Unknown (2011) – IMDb

Unknown (2011) – IMDb The location of the thriller is Berlin; the main characters are played by Liam Neeson and Diane Kruger. The way from the Adlon hotel to the Tegel airport does not go through Oberbaumbrücke, where the car dumps into the rive – but then: who minds this?

RVM: Ruby Version Manager (!!! worth having a look there for the most up-to-date installation procedure !!!) Allows you to work very well with more than one ruby installation, just like App::perlbrew for perl. The rvm command is implemented through a lot of bash functions. The PragProg ruby3 and the jruby book both talk about rvm, and it looks, as… Continue reading RVM: Ruby Version Manager

installing Chromium snapshots (apparently outdated) Execute the provided $CHROMIUM_INSTALL_DIR/chrome-wrapper instead of the binary executable, it will create necessary symlinks to system libraries. After unpacking the zipped snapshot file on my openSUSE Linux system, privileges were wrong: files and directories were only readable, writable, and executable for the owner, which was root; As a very quick solution I… Continue reading installing Chromium snapshots

“pdftohtml” vs. DRM

A project of mine involves extracting strings and other details from PDF files using “pdftohtml -xml“. A plain “pdftohtml -xml” refuses to read PDF files with set copy-protection bits set. But if you add “-nodrm” on the command line, it reads them anyway, but it mentions the problem on STDERR.