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  • book: PDF Explained An introduction to the PDF file format, threaded through with practical examples – deconstructing, creating and processing PDF files. After exploring how PDF is produced, and how it can be edited with tools from text editors to Ghostscript to PDFTK, readers will learn to deal with problems with PDF files and common error […]

  • how to print a PDF document together with its filename in its upper left corner?

    This is only a very special case of “how to add text given on the command line to a PDF file?“ If I don’t find a nice and read utility to do this, I will create an image file from the PDF file, I will create another image file from that text string (ImageMagick, GraphicsMagic?!?), […]

  • pdftk – The PDF Toolkit – “PDF Hacks” (the book’s author is pdflab’s director and founder) Superimpose Pages with pdftk pdftk packs iText’s power into a standalone program. Apply a single PDF page to the background of an entire document like so: pdftk mydoc.pdf output mydoc.marked.pdf background watermark.pdf pdftk will use the first page of watermark.pdf, if it […]

  • xpdf: Error (…): Missing ‘endstream’

    There are a few PDF documents around here, that I can read with Acrobat Reader w/o problems, but xpdf and its companions moan. I guess, that’s because they got modified and a little destroyed using Acrobat X Pro. I used pdftk to get rid of that problem: first output/uncompress, than output/compress again: $ pdftk x.pdf […]

  • how to burst a PDF document into single pages (etc.) This command line shows, how to get the output files named your way: $ pdftk … burst output ‘page.%02d.pdf’ Split Select Pages from Multiple PDFs into a New Document: $ pdftk A=one.pdf B=two.pdf cat A1-7 B1-5 A8 output combined.pdf Select a single page (#130) into a new document: $ pdftk A=one.pdf cat A130 […]

  • form fields in PDF – how to retrieve their details?

    This command line shows you a few details: $ pdftk … dump_data_fields Not enough details for me. What about CAM::PDF? It comes with a couple of nice sample utilities (the bin/ subdirectory), one of them is called . It also does not show me enough details, but I think I will enhance that one. Update […]

  • ruby and PDF

    the speaker: Lukas Rieder working for “paper c” some approaches writing PDF … act as flying saucer … UNIX tools xpdf : $ pdftotext -layout -enc UTF-8 … pdftk $ pdftk compressed.pdf uncompress output uncompressed.pdf imagemagick $ convert … # e.g. towards JPEG the speaker wrapped some unix tools and called that “PdfUtils”, and released […]