my Samsung “Color Laser Printer” CLP-315

its US-English web-page.

its German web-page.

The printing quality got worse a couple of months ago – low-colour stripes, where I expected bright colour.

I called support yesterday.
He told me to take everything out (all 4 cartridges, the waster toner (box) (in Geman: Resttonerbehälter), and the other beast (I will tell you its name, once I remember)).
I should shake the cartridges a little.
I should clean “it” (that glass area, where the pictures are captured) with something fluff-free and a little wet.
I should let it dry for a couple of hours.
I should also open and close the cover a couple of times, as that would activate a cleaning mechanism.
I actually went for the dry variant, and I was rather successful. I am rather satisfied now.

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