ImageMagick for Mac OS X Lion: Install from Source / Unix

ImageMagick: Install from Source

I had to choose this way, as the binary release left me with an “identify” utility, that didn’t even properly recognize a JPEG file.

And fink currently doesn’t support ImageMagick for Lion.

My little differences:

  • export MAGICK_HOME=”/usr/local/ImageMagick”
  • ./configure –prefix=$MAGICK_HOME
  • the ldconfig command is not available on OS X resp. Lion, and apparently it’s also not necessary to run that step (on OS X resp. Lion)

And I am also putting ${MAGICK_HOME}/… in front of all the PATH… variables, i.e. before fink’s GraphicsMagick’s replacement wrappers for ImageMagick, that aren’t really able to replace ImageMagick functionality for me.

Actually “1 out of 48” tests failed with “make check”, but otherwise this software rather runs:

FAIL: Magick++/tests/ (exit: 139)

./Magick++/tests/ line 20: 42477 Segmentation fault: 11  ${MEMCHECK} “./${executable}” 2>&1 > $outfile


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