the Firefox setting “browser.display.use_document_colors”

Up until now, I have never heard of this setting, nevertheless it had gotten toggled a while ago. It had made me a little nervous during the last couple of weeks.

How I solved the issue:

  • searched the web for “Firefox ignores stylesheets“,
  • too many hits of course …,
  • found a hint pointing to PrefBar,
  • installed the Firefox Add-on by the name of PrefBar,
  • toggled the Colors check box on that tool bar,
  • which surprisingly did, what I had not expected.
But that did not reveil me, which Firefox setting was involved.
  • So I launched about:config,
  • filtered by “color“,
  • toggled the Colors check box another couple of times on PrefBar,
  • until I finally got aware of browser.display.use_document_colors changing its value simultaneously.

I have no idea, how this setting had gotten toggled a couple of weeks ago. Now everything is fine again.

What a wicked little thing!!

I am really relieved, this got finally solved.

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