QuickSSHd on my Android devices – pictures, e-books, … – created a few recipes for downloading and uploading

First: yes, QuickSSHd is very nice and useful software. Why does Android not come with something like that by itself?

Second: Yes, a graphical SFTP browser (such as Cyberduck) can be quite nice for interacting with an SSH server.

I have downloaded pictures from my tablet and my phone quite a few times now …
I have uploaded e-books to my tablet quite a few times as well …

At some stage you just start thinking, doing it on the command line resp. in a script is your preferred way. I got there today, and I collected my one-liners in yet another tiny README / HOWTO document. That’s a relief!

Actually I would like to rsync to my Android devices, but (I think) the rsync utilities available for Android don’t act as remote party.

Update 2012-07-29:
The app’s help screen describes briefly but exactly, how to create a new pair of ssh keys and how to transfer the public key to the other party. Basically the public key, from where you are going to log into you Android device, has to be listed in the ~/.ssh/authorized_keys on your Android device.

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