my Samsung CLP-315 showed the orange LED

It [link] started doing so a couple of months ago. That was rather unspecific. The printer is usually attached to my Internet router. Of course, there is no standard way to check that printer’s status using Smart Panel. Smart Panel on my OS X computer already got set up with an SCX-4623F, and I found no way to make it take notice the CLP-315. Finally I had start a Windows PC (and not just a VM), attach the printer, and install Samsung’s printer software. First Smart Panel showed a paper jam, and told me to use the Troubleshooting Guide. Alright, I opened the printer on the backside – as I had done already quite a couple of times. No jammed paper found. The status changed to something like “printer is open”. Closed it again. Opened it again. Closed it again. Warm up… – a configuration status got printed successfully. I’m amazed. Works again. Also after I attached it again to my Internet router.

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