how to relocate to Israel – if you have an Israeli partner

step by step process for citizenship in israel | Relocation to Israel

A Ukrainian, non-jewish RoR devloper asked on israel.rb (the Israeli Ruby on Rails user group), how he could get a job in Israel (thread).
Somebody pointed him there to the above web page. Actually it sounded there, like there is no such restriction as “you do have an Israeli partner and …” – but there is. Maybe I would have to re-activate my Ex-GF in such a case 😉

When I applied for an SAP R&D job in Israel a couple of years ago, I rather ran into a wall then. Well, yes, I have to admit: I don’t have an Israeli or jewish partner, and I am a little hopeless proving the relevance of my grand-grandfather by the surname of Wassermann.

My comment on israel.rb on 2012-11-08 got removed the same day.

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