logcheck – scans your logfiles and warns you

Dependencies and restrictions:
  • logcheck depends on logtail
  • logtail runs on exactly one file …
  • … and only once on that file, as it keeps a sister file called logfile.offset
  • improving this should actually be “easy”, e.g. keeping a sister file called logfile.offset.user
  • abstracting resp. filtering log files like /var/log/messages
  • this happens “realtime” i.e. instantly
  • the results get to you resp. a whole crowd via e-mail – isn’t that a little excessive regarding the resources necessary to look at the output?
  • if you already have a utilty in place, that filters daily chunks of log files, this is …
Ideas / inspirations taken from here:
  • the output could actually go to another log file, that you may want to “logtail” or “tail -f” as to your needs
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