my new “mobile NAS”: Synology DS112+

Installation procedure from CD-ROM:
  • you are starting with a DiskStation with a bare disk, i.e. no DSM (the DS Management system)
  • mount the supplied CD-ROM
  • mount DSAssistant-SYNOLOGY_….dmg from the CD-ROM
  • run the assistant App from there
  • the assistant App helps you installing the DSM, either from a  DSM_DS112+_….pat file (around 40 MB large) on the CD-ROM (it comes with DSM-4.1) or from a file you download from the Synology website (bleeding edge: DSM-4.3)
  • that includes formatting the hard disk
Installation procedure following following the quick set up leaflet:
  • surf to
  • it is meant to discover all reachable Synology DiskStations
  • in this situation it does not find the DiskStation in question (running a DSM)
  • it points you to DSAssistant-SYNOLOGY_….dmg, to be downloaded from the Synology website
  • mount the downloaded DSAssistant-SYNOLOGY_….dmg
  • run the assistant App from there
Because I had temporary trouble accessing the supplied CD-ROM, I had to download the DSAssistant…, but I used the DSM-4.1 on the CD-ROM. That decision was unreasonable and done a little too fast, as I seriously intended to operate using DSM-4.3. So in the meantime I downloaded DSM-4.3, and after having set up DSM-4.1 entirely and properly, I set up DSM-4.3.
Further steps:
  • setting up a personal user account
  • allowing SSH access
  • SSH log-in in using the root account
  • modifying /etc/passwd to allow shell login for the user accounts in question (the resp. record has a “nologin” instead of a proper shell path)
Further steps:
  • I followed the instructions listed in my own “my new NAS (…): Synology DS213+” (taken from somewhere else and my own experience)
  • install the ipkg installation system
  • install a proper rsync through ipkg; I will have to call this rsync as /opt/bin/rsync from now on
  • “standard standard” installation is broken for the DS112+, but the wiki page describes the actual standard procedure including a fix in some
  • commenting out the standard PATH setting in ~root/.profile and ~MY_ACCOUNT/.profile
  • my first personal rsync-s to the DiskStation


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