O’Reilly Media book: Unix Power Tools, 3rd Edition (2002)

http://shop.oreilly.com/product/9780596003302.do http://examples.oreilly.com/9780596003302/ a couple of nice utilities from their sample code: rcsgrep, rcsegrep, rcsfgrep – check out files and grep/egrep/fgrep them – is there somthing similar for subversion etc.? … Update 2013-10-23: Derived cvsrevs from rcsrevs, and cvsgrep from rcsgrep. This is really nice!! Imagine this: $ cvsgrep -a SEARCHME files…

do you remember “pipegrep” from a rather old Camel Book?

[Chapter 27] 27.13 More grep-like Programs Written in Perl (an outdated but still useful “Unix Power Tools” edition somewhere on a web-server discusses it) The pipegrep program greps the output of a series of commands. The difficulty with doing this using the normal grep program is that you lose track of which file was being processed.… Continue reading do you remember “pipegrep” from a rather old Camel Book?

O’Reilly Media book: Oracle PL/SQL Programming, 6th Edition

http://shop.oreilly.com/product/0636920024859.do Considered throughout the Oracle technology community to be the best Oracle PL/SQL programming book available, this guide is the definitive reference on Oracle’s powerful procedural language. Like its predecessors, this sixth edition covers language fundamentals, advanced coding techniques, and best practices for using PL/SQL. Thoroughly updated for Oracle Database 12c.

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my new UPS: APC BE700G-GR

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uninterruptible_power_supply de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unterbrechungsfreie_Stromversorgung www.apc.com/products/resource/include/techspec_index.cfm?base_sku=BE700G-GR www.conrad.de/ce/de/product/973577/APC-Back-UPS-BE700G-USV-700-VA – I purchased it in their Berlin-Schöneberg store [link] Now my Synology DS213+ (NAS) gets its power from the UPS, and the UPS also controls USB-wise, when the NAS goes to “Safe Mode“. For the USB-connected NAS, this is “local UPS support“. This Synology device is now the “Synology UPS server“, that… Continue reading my new UPS: APC BE700G-GR

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