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  • GNU Emacs 28.1 released – and you can find 28.1 ready-made for macOSX on “Emacs For Mac OS X”

  • Emacs and Microsoft Windows C:\Program Files\Emacs\x86_64\share\emacs\VER\README.W32 – read it! for serious! C:\Program Files\Emacs\x86_64\bin\ – where the utilities are located I use to download and install , it contains “a large number of optional dependencies for Emacs” – maybe you want to install that into c:\opt\emacs-VER\. emacs-VER-installer.exe – a Windows installer – installs into C:\Program […]

  • Git for Windows – comes with a nice minimal GNU shell environment – GfW is based on MSYS2; MSYS2 provides a Unix environment to Windows – … – MSYS2 users can install GNU Emacs using a pacman command line – I wonder whether I can get this GNU Emacs for Windows to cooperate with the MSYS2 provided by GfW I guess […]

  • disable colours in Emacs To disable colouring in your current buffer, toggle font-lock-mode off with this command (my ad-hoc solution): M-x font-lock-mode To disable font-lock-mode “permanently” – see above! You may still find coloured remainders – but it’s not as bad any longer. Continued: One day I suddenly noticed what should have been obvious […]

  • emacs’s tramp causes scp to complain about missing option “-T”

    This problem started with tramp 2.5.1-pre (on macOS Mojave (10.14.6)). /usr/bin/scp: illegal option — T If I set tramp-scp-strict-file-name-checking to “” (as suggested in tramp-sh.el), I bypass the problem.

  • osx / macOS : GNU Emacs: How to Restore File System Access in macOS Catalina I actually added Emacs (and /usr/bin/ruby – /usr/ is a a hidden folder, so tell the Finder to allow access to the hidden folder /usr/ temporarily like this: Shift-Cmd-“.”) here: System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Full Disk Access

  • I am now proudly running Emacs-27.1-universal.dmg – from “Emacs For Mac OS X”

  • Debian applications on Chromebook

    $ sudo apt-get install … emacs

  • what happened to David Caldwell, the man behind “Emacs For Mac OS X”? Since 2019-05-28 his build machine has not created any more builds. I am worried. Starting 2019-09-01 there have been new entries on the resp. feeds again. Trying to contact him through

  • tracing Emacs Tramp – Helpful variables you can set for debugging (possibly outdated)