the IPKG optware development toolchain for Synology DiskStations

Recently I found IPKG actually got abandoned, and the IPKG Perl on one of my Synology DiskStations wasn’t really functional at all (some broken dependency on a library to be loaded dynamically).
That really frustrated me for a short period. Now I installed the IPKG optware-devel (compilation toolchain) and esp. gcc. Downloaded rsync sources, proceeded “as usually” with GNU sources, and it simply works. That’s phantastic. I have really been worried for quite a while with that restricted Synology provided rsync, and the IPKG rsync didn’t really comfort me there, so having “my own” rsync is really a nice thing. Next thing will be compiling my own Perl; and I will even be able to install CPAN modules with C sources, as I even have a C compiler.

Actually I should consider bootstrapping gcc, the GNU C compiler, because gcc-4.2.3 is a little outdated. gcc for my other DiskStation is even older, it’s a gcc-3.x. But than those gcc-s create code, that runs on these DiskStations, and not really bad.

Looks like my Synology DiskStations even work well as development systems.


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