purchased my 1st “Raspberry Pi” “Model B” last (Friday) night

I found a cooperative employee at the Conrad branch, who got me all the things I needed, including Wheezy on an SD card. But I didn’t know, how and which monitor I would attach, so that’s what I have to solve on my 2nd related visit at the shop. I am rather hot to see it booting soon.


  • I should not have purchased the mega-sized AVM wifi dongle.
  • I should have found out before (at least before getting the converter), how to connect the Pi to monitors.

Update 2013-12-08:

  • got me more HDMI-DVI-adpaters yesterday, with cables,
  • should have gotten me a USB hub as well, as there are only 2 USB plugs,
  • well, the USB mouse went into the (playstation2) keyboard,
  • the EDIMAX wifi dongle found its plug,
  • got it booted,
  • got it connected via LAN to the Internet,
  • got wifi set up through WPS.
  • had to stop my experiments in favour of son#2.
This IS different to KDE and GNOME:
  • (apparently) you cannot set up the date/time format centraly,
  • even not the timezone.
  • you also cannot set up the virtual desktops in a grid.
But it IS Linux / Unix, and it is X-Windows, and it connects to the Internet, and there is a modern browser, …

  • I created a separate “bookmark article” on Java SE on the Raspberry Pi, cf. the “Raspberry Pi” label on this blog


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