extended my procmail LOGFILE converter

I have dozens of IMAP folders, that my ~/.procmailrc at my Internet provider’s site routes incoming messages to. In order to see, what’s new, I find it more reasonable to look at my procmail LOGFILE. I rather (“constantly”) watch my procmail LOGFILE with “tail -f” though.

I really find it rather useful, to copy an entry from that log to my emacs diary once in a while. That’s why I have a converter from “procmail LOGFILE” to “emacs diary”. I pipe the “tail -f ~/procmail-from” into my procmail-from2diary.pl:

ssh … -n tail -f procmail-from | procmail-from2diary.pl

Once in a while I want to create an .procmailrc entry from a message, that I just received, resp. from the e-mail address therein. Now my procmail-from2diary.pl also creates a secondary file with “raw” .procmailrc entries. E-mail addresses are getting properly backslashed, before they get written to there, so I just need to select the right IMAP target folder within the respective .procmailrc rule. And, yes, rather often I replace part of the e-mail address with a wildcard.

Of course, “From:” and “Subject” need to get converted from the MIME-Header format to UTF-8 by a utility within my .procmailrc. Otherwise you can’t really read them.

I really don’t know, why I did not create that feature 15 years ago. Creating .procmailrc entries really is a PITA. But copy+pasting them with only little manual work is fun (I hope). You need holidays to recognise and implement this kind of optimisation of your daily work.

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