how to prevent WordPress blog SPAM?

As long as I blogged with, blog SPAM never was a serious issue. Now with my self-hosted WordPress blog(s), that became a very serious issue all of a sudden. Yes, I should just not worry, and just reserve a small weekly (or maybe daily) time-window for moderating the comments – yes, I enforced strict moderation anyway. But I find the moderation requests through e-mail rather destracting. Right now, when I expressed this, I wondered, whether I can prevent these e-mail messages. And yes, I can. I browsed for the available settings within “Discussion Settings”, and “E-mail me whenever” looked appropriate; I unset all of the options listed there. What a relief!

Yes, I did not have this kind of SPAM with, because I only accepted comments from some kind of registered users. And there is no obvious way, how to do this easily with my self-hosted WordPress site. I certainly don’t want to enforce and allow registration on my WordPress site. I think, a while ago “OpenID” was considered sort of good for this kind of matter. Maybe during my further future WordPress studies I shall find out, what to do.


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