Month: May 2014

  • Polar V800 – my new little discreet sports watch they sell it at EUR 450 in the Polar web shop and also in the sports shop around the corner in the case of “shop around the corner”: this includes a free introduction seminary (15 min.  / 2 hrs.  /  4 hrs.?? who knows) – but only, if they sell 20 pieces within […]

  • BackWPup “Free” – WordPress Backup Plugin Schedule complete automatic backups of your WordPress installation. Decide which content will be stored (Dropbox, S3…). This is the free version. I am using it to store a filesystem directory at my webspace provider’s site.

  • I am so glad: the blogs on my self-hosted WordPress site seem to work smoothly again

    This allows me again, to “publish” whatever it “needs” to publish i.e. whatever I “can’t” tell anyone personally, because “they” are not interested or because telling people “personally” is far too intrusive. That may sound sad, but I got used to it and I almost don’t care any more; and this way some of my […]

  • the GNU packages that I need most seriously on my Synology NAS

    CAVEAT: In 2017 I started using opkg (Entware-NG) instead of ipkg (optware). This document may not be updated entirely to reflect the new circumstances. – better use and maintain that article instead of this one theses are the GNU packages I seriously need on my Synology NAS (there is actually more than one …): […]

  • secure login to MySQL or MariaDB I need to back up the MySQL databases on my web space, and of course these databases are password protected. How to supply the password to the MySQL utilities? To make things short: from a professional point of view: old releases of MySQL (i.e. < 5.6.???) and all releases of MariaDB do not provide […]

  • pitfall: mysqldump vs .my.cnf

    It took me quite some time to recognise, that the existence of ~/.my.cnf resp. specifying databases in there disturbs the operation of mysqldump. If you pass a database name on the command line (with or without the command line option “–databases”) and there is a database listed in ~/.my.cnf, this is the kind of error message, […]

  • Perl Regex Pretty Printer emacs cperl-mode: cperl-beautify-regexp

  • Perl Best Practices: Code Layout: “Automated Layout” AKA “enforce your chosen layout style mechanically through perltidy” I really hate code layout wars. I really hate getting forced to follow unreasonable rules. I also hate it, if people do not follow obvious reasonable rules. It gets really bad, if rather strict team coding rules get enforced more on some team members than on others. The pain should at least be the […]

  • I had this “Page not found” phenomenon on my blogs, and it drove me crazy Instead of the desired content, this got shown: “It looks like nothing was found at this location. Maybe try a search?” I searched for this text, got to the above link, and it says: Refreshing links structure under “Settings” has solved the problem. I didn’t precisely find a button named “refreshing links structure …“, but […]

  • after some upgrading on my WordPress site I only got blank pages from my blogs and the entire site

    This kind of trouble started during the weekend, outside the office hours of my web space provider. Once I called them (during their office hours), they provided me with the respective lines from the apache log, and I was able to get my problem solved rather quickly. The “jetpack” directory was rather incomplete – maybe […]