polar “stride sensor bluetooth smart” “Model:Y8”

Treadmill runners using the V800 need this, so that the V800 has an idea of the distance you are running on the treadmill. That’s Polar’s idea of how to deal with the V800 on the treadmill.

Right … the V800 has a figure after the run, and you upload the “session” to flow.polar.com.

Your treadmill also has a figure. Q: Does the treadmill runner trust that one slightly more?  A: Yes, certainly.

Once polar.flow.com has a figure for the distance of your treadmill (Diary > More > Distance), you can always modify it, otherwise they don’t let you change that field. Now you can replace that figure with your treadmill figure. Q: Easy? A: Yes. Q: Cheap? A: No, it takes that device – but only to have ANY irrelevant figure, that allows you to modify it reasonably. Rubbish.

My enquiry to Polar Global on their Facebook page:


I asked the German service on their Facebook page, whether they are able to supply me with a couple of those show-fixing-thingies. It is a PITA to have only one, but to have a couple of shows at a couple of places – don’t you agree?!?


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