O’Reilly Media book: Introducing GitHub

This introductory guide teaches you how to use GitHub to manage and collaborate with developers, designers, and other business professionals more effectively. You’ll learn about project transparency, collaboration tools, the basics of Git management, and how to make changes yourself—without having to bother your development team.

These sections show the tricks how to deal with folders – although there are no explicit ways. If you want to change the filename, edit the file – the the filename is editable as well. You can also enter a “/” then – that’s how to create a folder. In order to move a file upwards, enter “../” at the beginning of the name. You can not rename a directory, but you can move all files below to the new directory.

The O’Reilly book describes using “GitHub for Mac“. Today (2017-07-21) there is “GitHub Desktop” instead – and I started using it 😎 . I started migrating a couple of utilities I uploaded to misc/using_timestamps_in_filenames. Quite a big step for me!

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