Tuesday evening treadmill running at Hamburg Jungfernstieg: 8 km in 00:41:20

  • https://flow.polar.com/training/analysis/24580735
  • ??° C, pressure ???.?? kPa, dew point: ??°
  • weight afterwards: 98 kg
  • I had trouble stopping the measurement on the watch; I had completed 8 km in like 41:20, not in 41:25, as the chart says
  • this is my like 12-years-low, and I am rather proud of my performance
  • the “un-calibrated” electronics on my shoe connected to the sports computer at my wrist says the distance was 8.51 km, but the treadmill says the distance was 8.00 km – I will try to use this for the “calibration”

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