a constructive proposal for the Palestine conflict: new edition of the Ottoman Empire from Tirana to Cairo

My colleague and friend”Erdem” and I used the exercise fire alarm in the office in Hamburg’s HafenCity, to elicit a feasible way to a lasting peace in Palestine, Syria, Egypt etc.. He was afraid though to take responsibility, but we promised each other finally to address the matter.

The longest peaceful time with working multi-ethnic coexistence in Palestine (and beyond) was during the Ottoman Empire. So why not re-establish it? Istanbul would have to deal with all the trouble with Hamas and with IS etc. – on top of the stress with the PKK. But Istanbul never gets blamed as badly as Jerusalem does.

“Erdem” soon will have an appointment with Erdoğan, I will meet Angela. We will explain both what ingredients it takes to make Turkey that shit job attractive:

  • the whole of the EU subsidies for Hamas, Albania, Kosovo and Israel instead go to Istanbul
  • Istanbul gets all attachments (Leopard battle tanks, Puma team tanks, … – whatever KMW, Rheinmetall, … and so on have on offer), training, propaganda and logistical support it needs
  • once it looks as if Turkey is going to complete the job successfully, they get all the possible rewards: EU membership, in the Euro zone and in all relevant “inner circles” of core-Europe

More constructive additions?

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