O’Reilly Media book: The Uncertain Web

What’s the best way to develop for a Web gone wild? That’s easy. Simply scrap the rules you’ve relied on all these years and embrace uncertainty as a core tenet of design. In this practical book, veteran developer Rob Larsen outlines the principles out what he calls The Uncertain Web, and shows you techniques necessary to successfully make the transition.

Who Should Read This Book
The primary audience is intermediate to advanced web developers—the folks on the front lines of dealing with these issues on a day-to-day basis and those who serve as the main channel for new frontend development techniques and trends to make their way into organizations. This book is geared toward developers who work primarily in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and who have a solid understanding of cross-browser (if not cross-form-factor or cross-device) development techniques.
The secondary audience consists of user experience designers, web-focused visual designers, and web-focused engineers from other programming disciplines. To properly build for the modern Web, there needs to be cohesion in site design and architecture from start to finish. The material here should familiarize other disciplines with the best way to approach designing and developing for the present and future of the Web. As a natural bridge between design and the server, the core web developer is always going to be the glue that binds this process together, but having everyone on board will help improve the finished product.


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