I got my “FRITZ!Box + LTE-Modem” set-up re-established again

  • FRITZ!Box 7490
  • Huawei E3372 “Surfstick” knows LTE and also UMTS (and so forth (I think))
  • http://www.amazon.de/Huawei-E3372-Modem-microSD-weiss/product-reviews/B00M2JO9LI – these reviewers (and also myself) confirm, that these 2 devices work together well
  • I had lost that modem (together with its SIM card) a couple of months ago, but I got new ones right now, and everything is fine again
  • FRITZ!Box 6842 – has a builtin LTE modem, but my experiences with it are “diverse” – with decent LTE coverage everything is fine, if the LTE coverage is in trouble, the 6842 is of now use – under the same circumstances, the 7490+E3372 combination still works fine
  • I need a decent mobile Internet set-up for my “office in exile desk” situation
  • to be clarified: try this LTE modem also with my Synology DiskStation – I mean the most recent slim 1-bay one – if that combination works, and the DiskStation successfully acts as a mobile wifi router, then this is my leanest set-up I can figure these days

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