my Synology DS713+ now runs a “hibiscus-server”, and my wrapper layer (bash+perl) and also sendxmpp

  • – not yet out
  • of course I would have preferred a DS715+ or DS714+, but they are not available, the DS713+ isn’t really as low power as the DS215j
  • it’s fun to see my bash and Perl scripts to run just the same on an openSUSE machine and on a Synology DiskStation – with the help of ipkg (and a few tweaks)
  • notification: running sendxmpp with literate “IM” (= instant messaging) is just amazing!!!
  • how to explain, that running this software on such a capable “tiny box” looks so much better than on general purpose server hardware?
  • if I only had a serious idea of how to create a business (that feeds me a little) from this!!!

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