Month: June 2016

  • an XQuery recipe: generating lots of documents in a single XQuery run … – search there for “Generate all the HTML output files“! … by putting them in a single large XML object – then use a post-processor to split this into separate files. (Alright this isn’t really a true “single XQuery run” approach. But it is close enough.) With Saxon-HE there is no way to write to separate text […]

  • my Jenkins start-up script works with Java7 – but not with Java8 – I will have to look into the description of httpsKeyStore etc, once I will decide to run Jenkins using Java8 instead of Java7 My Synology Diskstation DS713+ has successfully hosted Jenkins1 resp. Jenkins2 for several months now. Today I found, there is a Java8 “package” available for my Synology Diskstation DS713+. I installed it. […]

  • Xidel – yet another HTML/XML/JSON data extraction tool

    Xidel is a command line tool to download html/xml pages and extract data from them using CSS 3 selectors, XPath 3 expressions or pattern-matching templates. – I am “watching” the changes on this article, and somebody just added Xidel, that’s how I came across Xidel Cygwin’s and Fink’s repository do not have Xidel, but Xidel’s […]

  • how SPF resp. SRS broke my mail filtering and cost me a lot of sleep recently = SPF = SRS (unfunctional starting 2019-02) (in German) – the action that triggered my trouble I am using e-mail addresses on my “personal domains” (like, which implies some sort of forwarding to an IMAP server. The company, that hosts my “personal domains”, (UDAG) also forwards massive amount of e-mail messages to […]