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  • querying YAML on the command line – YAML Path

  • xacobeo – graphical interface for running XPath queries

  • XmlStarlet User’s Guide and IBM link regarding PYX – does no longer work as of 2017-10-02 (probably quite a little earlier already) – does no longer work as of 2021-08-31 (probably quite a little earlier already) – this is the actual and relevant document (broken link as of 2021-08-31)

  • the Cygwin packages that I need most seriously on a Windows PC my package list: I can install these ones through apt-cyg (see below!) (maybe git, … from the list above as well):  – solves the “Tie::Hash::NamedCapture” problem – X.Org X server launcher (Cygwin/X) – XMLStarlet is a command line XML toolkit which […]

  • your ODF file (“.odt”, “.ods”, …) and its “modified” timestamp Your “.odt” (or “.ods”) file is a ZIP file with a meta.xml inside: $ unzip -l YOUR.ods … … meta.xml … This is a convenient way to extract meta.xml to STDOUT: $ unzip -p YOUR.ods meta.xml … This is how to get the XML reformatted using xmlstartlet: $ unzip -p YOUR.ods meta.xml […]

  • xmlstarlet: how to deal with a default namespace in XPath expressions?

    I ran into this problem, when I tried to extract values from JasperReport’s JRXML using xmlstarlet. JRXML files introduce a default namespace (which does not seem to serve a lot), and XPath processors need to take that into account. When I searched for help in xmlstarlet’s documentation and on the web, I came across this […]

  • your OOXML file (“.docx”, “.xlsx”, “.vsdx”, …) and its “modified” timestamp VSDX does not get listed as an OOXML conform file format, but for this purpose (here) we can treat it like one. Your “.docx” (or “.xlsx”) file is a ZIP file with a docProps/core.xml inside: $ unzip -l YOUR.docx … … docProps/core.xml … This is a convenient way to extract docProps/core.xml to […]

  • my 2017 Windows working environment

    All these packages resp. utilities do not require Windows admin rights for getting them “installed” – actually they do not need “a Windows system installation”. Below C:\Users\jhayek I created a couple of subdirectories: opt: every package resp. utility has its own subdirectory below there bin: some .bat and .sh (BusyBox ash) scripts go there Packages resp. utilities: […]

  • XQuery/Inserting and Updating Attributes – Wikibooks, open books for an open world

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  • XQuery mode for Emacs – yes!!!